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Cuff Edge Treatment


Cuff Edge Treatment

There are several ways to handle the edge of the glove cuff:

X-thread, which has the properties of high adhesion, is weaved into the cuff while knitting the last operation of the glove itself. The main advantage is no overlock is needed, but this is a disadvantage: the X-thread requires baking on additional equipment. Usually it is extra stoves, or building hairdryers and additional workers, and the glove still either traumatizes the wrist’s skin or dissolves.

The second way of processing is overclocking — the processing the base of the glove on the overlock. As a rule, for aesthetic reasons, the glove will be overtaken in three or four circles with an elastic band. The maximum speed of the overlock is 190 pairs per hour, the average actual speed is usually about 150 pairs per hour.

Cuff Edge TreatmentCuff Edge Treatment

The main advantage of this method is the appearance of the finished product, the achievement of which requires additional raw material costs and time costs (about 5 seconds per pair). In addition, the hard edge of the cuff can tighten the arm.

Our company Maihong Safety Gloves use modified high speed overlocks (speed up to 500 pairs per hour) and a very thin latex ring that forms the edge and does not tighten the arm. The main advantages are low cost, high productivity and quality.

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