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How to import work gloves from China


If you are reading this article at our website it’s likely that you are planning to buy working gloves wholesale. Everyone knows that China is the biggest exporter of working gloves in the world. There are several reasons for that:

  • Raw materials that are used to produce working gloves are cheaper in China. That is a non-woven cloth for coating nitrile gloves, nylon thread, cotton thread, latex, nitrile – all are cheaper here in China.
  • Equipment and its maintenance are cheaper in China, because equipment for production of various types of gloves is also made here in China.
  • More companies in China, than anywhere else in the world, offer a great range of services for manufacturers of working gloves. Here many companies specialize in certain stages of manufacturing of working gloves rather then in a full circle. We will explain this phenomenon in another article.

A small tutorial for how to buy working gloves wholesale from China will be useful for both novice and advanced importers.

How exactly the manufacturer of working gloves can be found in China?

The most famous website for searching commodities made in China is Here you can find factory specializing in production of working gloves as well (nitrile, latex, PU, split leather, etc.). At this website you can definitely excavate good manufacturers out, but it’s like search a needle in a haystack…

How to figure it out if a cirtain manufacturer is worth buying from?

Most companies you find at Alibaba would brag that they are constantly «cooperating» with the largest wholesale businesses from all over the world. Some can even go as far as sending photos of the boxes of these customers from some warehouses to prove their words. Do not believe that blindly! After all, they could have taken these pictures at warehouses of other enterprises. In order to check information they provided you with, ask them to send some scans of contracts that were stamped by those companies.

How to make sure the quality of working gloves is right what you need before ordering?

That is challenging because the same factory can produce working gloves of both good and mediocre quality. The whole trick is to make a thorough specification.

About more details about what is worth paying attention to when buying gloves in China you can read in the article Buying working gloves wholesale from China.

Minimum quantity of working gloves when buying wholesale from China.

MOQ is determined by manufacturer. Our company TOPSafety Gloves handles this quite open-mindedly and we have almost no requirement for a minimum order quantity.

Who is organizing the delivery and customs clearance of working gloves wholesale from China?

Usually Chinese manufacturers of working gloves are not engaged in delivery and customs clearance. Buyers are responsible for that. But if you do not have enough experience in importing working gloves from China, then our company can calculate the cost of customs clearance and delivery fee to your city. We have reliable partners – shippers that are speciaizingl in this area, who helps us in organizing delivery and customs clearance.

What payment methods are acceptable in China?

The standard payment method when working with Chinese manufacturers is: 30% down payment, 70% is paid before shipment after the quality control was carried out by a third party.

There are two ways of transfering money to Chinese company: through a shipping company via their contract or through a direct payment from foreigh company to Chinese company, in this case an importer have to open a special account that allows to do international transfers. Each way has advantages and disadvantages.

What risks can occur when buying from China?

Risks when importing work gloves wholesale from China may arise both in China and in Russia. Let’s look at them:

Risks in China

The are risks when importing working gloves wholesale from China that can arise both in China and in country of destination.

Let’s consider them one by one:

  • Failure to deliver goods

Apparentely only a very evil supplier can get money and run away, unfortunately, you can come across some of them in the Internet, Alibaba is no exception. Such companies attract customers with low costs of working gloves, considerably lower than the market price. To avoid unpleasant experience of non, you need to make sure that supplier is trustworthy. Therefore, we recommend to cooperate only with reliable manufacturers.

  • Goods of poor quality or insufficient quantity.

Even when you buy directly from the factory there is always a risk that to reduce the cost of production supplier may decide to save on overall weight or on  materials from which working gloves are made. To avoid negative consequences we recommend to check the quality of working gloves before loading.

  • Delay of shipment.

Sadly, delays of shipment is a weak point of most Chinese suppliers. It would be wise especially when ordering goods in high season to add a week or two to the estimated delivery time. To avoid lead time delays you have to contact the manufactore frequently and to remind them of the importance of delivery on time.

Risks that may occur in country of destination.

  • The cost of the services of customs broker, delivery or customs clearance services starts to rise after container leaves the port in China.

It happens from time to time that the customs broker deliberately gives low rates to attract clients in the beginning, so you agree to work with them, the goods are loaded and at this point  costoms broker suddenly tells you that the rates have risen (customs authorities have changed, new rules, railway fees have been increased and many other reason that broker can tell you). In order to avoid these miscalculations, you’d better to cooperate with an adequate customs broker.

  • Delays of shipment locally.

This is also quite common. If shipping by railway for example, two 20 feet containers are shipped on one platform, so if you order one 20 feet container, it will have to stay at the station  untill second appears to make a pair. If the customs broker has few shipments in your direction, then delays may occur. This can be avoided by discussing the possibility of delaycand responsibilities in advance.

  • Adjustment of customs value.

Adjustment of customs value is a headache to importers. Adjustment of customs value can occur if the customs broker has little experience in customs clearance. It is better when customs broker is responsible for the risks of the adjustment of customs value.

What are the investments needed to be able to purchase working gloves wholesale in China?

The price of a container of working gloves varies greatly depending on what type of gloves you are buying. The container of working gloves in China may cost as low as 20 thousand dollarsand as much as 150 thousand dollars.

Is it profitable?

It’s profitable. If you sell one container of working gloves in a couple of months, then it’s definitely worth starting to work with China. Buying directly from Chinese factory will allow you to save up to 20-40% compared to purchasing from a local wholesale company.

When choosing a company you will cooperate with in terms of  purchasing of working gloves wholesale, off course, we hope that you will make the right choice and choose our factory. Please fill out the feedback form below to get a wholesale price list for all working gloves. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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