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Safety gloves wholesale from China


We are very happy that you have interest to our website. Most likely you were searching for the «work gloves wholesale from the manufacturer in China» and that is how you found a link to this website, is that right?  Lucky you are! You found what you were looking for. There are a lot of factories producing work gloves in China and we know that. But we would like you to try to work with our company and see why we cooperate successfully with buyers all over the world.

We are a manufacturer

TOPSafety Gloves is a producer of working gloves located in Jiangsu province, Nantong city, not far from Shanghai. We mainly focus on export, so quality of our safety gloves is fully complied with European and American standarts.

Safety gloves wholesale from ChinaPart of our factory for PVC gloves.

Multistep quality control

You probably have heard a lot about «Chinese quality» when buying work gloves whosale from China. But when working with us you can sleep well. We have a precise quality control system that helps us eliminate human factor and we check every step in production from incoming raw materials to finished products and packaging.

English-speaking managers

We speak same language as you do and we are ready to solve all product problems 24/7.

Door to door delivery

If you are starting do safety gloves business with China we can help you on every step from transfering money to China to delivery and custom clearance. We have partners – shipping companies from all over the world who help us with «door to door» delivery to our customers.

Safety gloves wholesale from China

Working gloves container loading at our factory.

Why do you need to buy wholesale work gloves from China?

Every entrepreneur buying wholesale gloves has three goals: to reduce costs, to increas the range and to attract new customers.

By working directly with TOPSafety Gloves, the manufacturer of working gloves in China, you can achieve all three goals. That is how it works:

Cutting costs

Our company TOPSafety Gloves produces work gloves in China. Cooperation with us will help you to reduce procurement costs significantly. Besides, we always try to meet needs of our customers, so basically we have no requirements for the minimum order quantity. That, in turn, allows you to avoid unnecessary costs associated with transport and storage.

Increasing the range

TOPSafety Gloves produces a wide range of working gloves, such as nitrile gloves, split leather gloves, latex, gardening gloves and other kind of gloves. If there is something that our factory doesn’t produce, we will let you know and offer products of our reliable partners.

Attracting new clients

Strategy of attracting new customers can be divided into two types: direct and indirect marketing. Customer acquisition through indirect channels is possible due to a wide range of assortment, good quaility and low prices, that will lead to the bigger amount of retail customers start buying from you. Direct marketing includes our help to you  in promoting your business in the region in which you are located. That will also contribute to a larger amount of customers recognize your company and contact you.

To eliminate any concerns we suggest you to contact us.

If you are interested in expanding your business and planning to buy or possibly already purchasing gloves wholesale from the manufacturer in China, you can fill out the simple form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Production of working gloves.

Let’s talk about the way gloves are manufactured, factors that affect quality and how to control quality.

Raw materials

As the theater begins with a hanger, so the production of working gloves in China begins with the purchase of raw materials. For knitted gloves, the main raw material is yarn, yarn is divided into cotton (made of 100% Cotton, recycled or mixed), nylon and polyurethane. Also for the production of gloves a special thread for the cuff is used.

Raw material comes to the factory in reels. If you pay a close attention to each reel you will see a label with the name of the manufacturer, the date of production and the composition. If there is no tag or information is incomplete, then this is a case when a need of rechecking of the quality of raw materials arise.

Then you need to pay attention to how the raw materials are stored. It happens from time to time at Chinese factories that bobbins of raw materials lie on floor and get rotten. Apparently, the quality of working gloves made of such kind of yarn will not be the best.

For gloves coated with nitrile, PVC or some other substance a non-woven cloth is used as a liner.


Coating working gloves is a huge technological process. If you have been to China and visited factories that produce working gloves, you must have paid attention to the long production lines at which the process of coating of working gloves with nitrile, PVC, polyurethane and other substances takes place.

Despite the fact that these lines look more or less the same from outside, long steel corridors, inside them there are a lot of technological differences that influence the quality of working gloves.

  • Length of the working glove line

Usually the price for a line for coating is counted in meters. The longer the line is the more expensive it is. And of course every manufacturer tries to get the most out of their equipment, which often negatively affects the quality of working gloves.

After coating with nitrile working gloves must be allowed to dry during its way through the line under the UV lamps. To increase the productivity of the line, the factory includes the speed of the line above, the temperature of the lamps is higher and everything seems to be nothing, but the heat has a very negative effect on the quality of the nitrile. This you can understand simply by testing the abrasion.

  • Understanding technological standards and strict compliance with them.

The quality of working gloves (Latex, Nitrile, PU — Pouleritane) can be influenced by many parameters, such as room temperature, mixture temperature, humidity, viscosity and time.

For example, if there are bubbles on the glove surface, then it most likely means that the nitrile (Latex, PU or PVC) mixture was in a stationary state for too long or for too short. It could have been also caused by hand-moulds, that gloves are put on, were too hot.

  • Quality of raw materials used for coating of  working gloves

There are various speculations about how to determine quality of nitrile gloves and the quality of the coating.

Let’s discuss them one by one

  • The darker the color, the better the nitrile is.

You see two gloves with two different shades of navy blue, do you think there is any quality difference between them? In fact, there is absolutely no difference. Actually nitrile is a transparent substance and the blue color is achieved due to additives. It can be navy blue, blue, black or even yellow.

  • The heavier the glove, the better the quality is.

Another common misconception, which is only partly true. If two manufacturers use a mixture with the same chemical composition, then it is fair to say the thicker the layer of nitrile coating on working gloves, the better these gloves will protect hands from chemicals. But some tricky manufacturers add PVC or other inexpensive and heavy substances that increase the weight of the nitrile glove but worsen its protective characteristics. 

The coating of working gloves consists of many chemicals that must be mixed in the right proportion in order to achieve high quality working gloves.

 How to determine the quality of working gloves is good?

The most accurate evaluation of  quality of working gloves can be determined by tests in a specialized laboratory on certified equipment.

  • Resistance to wear
  • Resistance to cuts
  • Resistance to tearing
  • Resistance to punctures

PVC winter gloves wholesale

 One of the most important characteristics of  PVC winter gloves quality is their frost resistance. High-quality PVC winter gloves can stay soft even in the fifty-degree frost.

Safety gloves wholesale from China Safety gloves wholesale from China Safety gloves wholesale from China 

Welding gloves wholesale

The main raw material for welding gloves is the split leather that is an inner layer of the leather.  For more details about the production of welding gloves you can read….

Safety gloves wholesale from China 

To make a long story short, the quality of welding gloves can be assessed visually as well.

First, it is worth to measure the thickness of the split layer with a special device. The thickness of the split layer should be same in different parts of the glove.

Sizes should be made according to Specification for the Quality of working gloves you have agreeded to with manufacture.

Gloves should be well-stitched.

Split leather gloves wholesale

 When we use term split working gloves we mean combined gloves, these gloves are made from split leather and fabric.

 Safety gloves wholesale from China

In these gloves, both the quality of the split leather and the quality of the fabric (jeans fabric) are important.

Garden gloves wholesale

 Garden gloves are gloves that are designed for gardening. Usually that is how gloves with a nylon base are called, this gloves fit tightly around the arm and have protective layer of transparent nitrile or polyurethane (PU). Garden gloves covered with latex are less common.

As a print on a nylon basis any from our collection can be choosen, we can also print your design.

Nitrile gloves wholesale

 These working gloves are covered with blue nitrile and is one of the best-sellers among safety gloves in the world. We can offer you all kinds of nitrile gloves: with a safety cuff and knit wrist, fully or palm coated, light-weight nitrile gloves, having two or three layers that is made according to Ansell standards.

Here some of the common used safety gloves with nitrile coating.

 Safety gloves wholesale from ChinaNitrile gloves with safety cuff 

Safety gloves wholesale from ChinaNitrile gloves with knit wrist

Safety gloves wholesale from China Light-weight nitrile gloves

Safety gloves wholesale from China

Neylon gloves with nitrile coating

Logo printing and labeling

 Printing logo on gloves is a very important stage in production, as many wholesalers sell gloves wholesale through tenders. It is very important that all trademark and shipping mark information is in a compliance with public bidding requirements and world standards, no mistake is allowed, otherwise it is very difficult to sell these gloves wholesale through tenders.

 Some types of working gloves, such as garden gloves for example, are most often sold in supermarkets. Working gloves like any other products on the shelves of the supermarket should be with the attractive and flawless packaging.

 Safety gloves wholesale from China Safety gloves wholesale from China

Logo and label of safety gloves for one of our clients in Russia


 First impressions are the most lasting. Package of the gloves should not only be functional that is

  • to protect working gloves from influence of external environmental factors
  • to carry necessary information about working gloves (weight, model, number of pairs)

Safety gloves wholesale from China PVC winter gloves packaging for one of our clients

Price for buying working gloves wholesale

Today we have discussed many aspects regarding how to buy work gloves of good quality wholesale and at an affordable price. The final decision is yours.

If you buy working gloves wholesale directly from TOPSafety Gloves the manufacturer in China you will be able to save money and attract new customers due to lower prices than your competitors managed to obtain.

Nitrile gloves wholesale, welding gloves wholesale, split leather gloves wholesale, PVC winter gloves wholesale, garden gloves wholesale, working gloves wholesale.

To get the best prices and FREE samples you can contact us through e-mail, wechat, whatsapp, telegram:

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