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Spilt Cowhide Gloves

Split cowhide gloves are an essential part of protective work clothes. As the name suggests, they are made of split cow leather which has been processed in a specific way: the upper layer of cowhide is removed to be used for making various leather goods, while the inner side of the hide is scraped off. The remaining part is what is called split cowhide, and this is the material we are going to talk about.

Cowhide goods are remarkably resistant to:

  • High temperatures due to their ability to withstand heat;
  • Physical damage thanks to their density;
  • Cinder, sparks, red-hot iron crust (on short-termed exposure);
  • Punctures and cuts;
  • Harsh environment, including harmful chemicals.

As the material’s main component is natural leather, long-termed water exposure is to be avoided, since it may affect cowhide’s protective properties. Split cowhide gloves are nonslip, which gives them excellent adhesive qualities. It will prevent tools and materials from slipping away from your hand. Durable and dense, natural leather still lets your hands breathe, which will ensure comfortable use even during long working hours.

Split Cowhide Gloves Types

Basically, there are two types:

  • Pure leather,
  • Combined material.

It is simple to guess that adding some components will turn split cowhide gloves into combined ones. The main material is still leather and fabric, but gloves that are supposed to be used at low temperatures (about −40 °C), other components can be added, like fur imitation and down hair. Special emphasis is put on glove cuffs which offer additional protection against injuries and cold.

When choosing split cowhide gloves, you should pay attention to the following things. First of all, check the material, since it will define the gloves’ properties. Thus, gloves made of the flesh side of leather are more heat resistant than any other welding gloves, while the inner side has remarkable water resistance. Split cowhide is exceptionally durable and wear-resistant.

We also recommend checking seams and joint places, since they are the most vulnerable parts of any gloves.

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