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There are a lot of risks while welding, that's why the safety of working process is the most important thing. We tell you how to save the hands of the welder while working and about Split Leather Welding Gloves. And also We inform you wh...

Cuff Edge Treatment

There are several ways to handle the edge of the glove cuff: X-thread, which has the properties of high adhesion, is weaved into the cuff while knitting the last operation of the glove itself. The main advantage is no overlock is ne...

Leather work gloves

Spilt Cowhide Gloves Split cowhide gloves are an essential part of protective work clothes. As the name suggests, they are made of split cow leather which has been processed in a specific way: the upper layer of cowhide is removed to be ...
Garden gloves are commonly used in the garden, as the name implies) most often referred to as garden gloves thin nylon gloves with print and bathed in a thin transparent layer of polyurethane or nitrile. This glove design provides maximu...
If you are reading this article at our website it's likely that you are planning to buy working gloves wholesale. Everyone knows that China is the biggest exporter of working gloves in the world. There are several reasons for that: R...
We are very happy that you have interest to our website. Most likely you were searching for the «work gloves wholesale from the manufacturer in China» and that is how you found a link to this website, is that right?  Lucky you are! You foun...